About Good&Proper


We are a professional creative agency based in Lincolnshire

Meet The Team

We're an award-winning multi-talented team based in central Lincolnshire with a passion for creating amazing designs. We work with businesses and people to create incredible projects.

“Good&Proper are highly talented and always available to fulfil every brief, delivering all projects promptly and to an incredible standard.”

Alistair ArundellDirector - Smartmove Hotels & Smartmove Lettings
Managing Director

Nathan Bryant

Nathan is our Managing Director, responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

With a flare for creativity and web design, Nathan specialises in client relations and the business operations.

Nathan was named within the 2022 cohort of Lincolnshire’s 30 under 30 contest, organised by The Lincolnite.

Customer Relations Manager

Caitlin Ellie

Caitlin works with our clients and is the initial point of contact.

She works alongside the Managing Director to ensure that all clients have their briefs assigned to the best team member, and works to ensure that projects are delivered on time.

Caitlin also works with third party businesses to ensure that any additional project requirements are ordered in time.


Kara Cohen

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Office Manager

Justin Klein

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Photography & Videography

Saul Woods

Aside from running his own business, Attention Boston, Saul is also our in house photographer and videographer, working with our clients to capture high quality, award-winning imagery.

Saul also helps our studio team with occasional graphic design to further aid our capabilities for our valued clients.

A creative agency that has no limits

We dedicate ourselves to providing services to businesses, local authorities and individuals, including creativity, graphic design, web design, social media management, photography and videography.

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